What We Do at Rudy Maas Marina

Rudy Maas Marina bait tackle

Bait and Tackle

Rudy Maas Marina supplies a great variety of quality fishing lures to suit the seasons and species of fish. Our baits include small jigs, streamer flies, spoons, spinners, plastic worms and insects, lures and many others.

Rudy Maas Marina on wharf refuelling

Wharf Refuelling

We supply a wide range of marine fuels, lubricants, and associated products for all your boating needs.

Rudy Maas Marina Hire a boat

Boat Hire

Want a boat but not the expense of owning one? No problem. Hire one from us and enjoy your time on the water, for recreation or commercial use.

Call us on 07 5546 2222 to find out more
Rudy Maas Marina slipway repairs

Slipway Repairs

No time for repairs and boat maintenance? No worries. Let Rudy Maas Marina’s experienced shipwright and mechanic take care of regular maintenance and repairs to your boat.

Rudy Maas Marina boat ramp

Boat Ramp

Yes, we have an excellent boat ramp, so park your boat in our berth for easy access to the water and a great boating experience.

Rudy Maas Marina Trailer Boat Storage

Storing Trailer Boats

Parking your boat and trailer at home can be a real hassle. Rudy Maas Marina has the solution! Store your boat undercover with us. Just rock up and get ready to launch down the ramp and out into Moreton Bay.


Choose from our wide selection of fine boats, for cruising or fishing.

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Helpful Resources

Rudy Maas Marina tide img

Tide Times

To maximise your boating experience, make sure you check the times for low and high tides. Just ask us if you need help. Find out more

Rudy Maas Marina fishes

Legal Sizes and Bag Limits

Before you throw in a line, you must know the legal sizes and bag limits of fish you’ll be hoping to catch. We can help you with information about size and limits to ensure Queensland’s fisheries remain sustainable. Find out more

How to Select the Appropriate Lure for Fishing

Find out more

Mandatory Safety Equipment for Boating

Find out more

What Our Customers Say about Rudy Maas Marina

Rudy Maas Marina testi

So happy to be back with Rudy Maas Marina. These guys are Number one. Big thanks for their service.

Russell Smith

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